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Smartphones today are not only a means of communication, a camera, and a music player, but also full-fledged tools for work and study. Against the backdrop of the pandemic, their usefulness as online devices has only increased.

Let’s see what applications for finance students you can download to improve your college grades and deepen your knowledge in the field.

Federal Reserve Economic Data App

FRED is a huge database on international and domestic markets. It includes 40+ thousand series. As an application, it is available on Android and iPhone.

The basic functions of the utility:

  1. Monitoring of macro and micro trends.
  2. Viewing and downloading visual representation of data.
  3. Building custom reports and presentations.

The product is free and well suited for professional business analytics. Among the disadvantages can only be called a large amount of information. To understand the design of the interface, you will have to spend some time on it.


If you focus more on scientific projects in business and economics, you will love this app. With its help, you can find the newest publications on topics. EconBiz started as a utility with German-language content, but now there are many books and articles in English too.

The Financial Exams Prep App

This is an app designed specifically for students. It was launched by EduPristine, which supports several utilities for financiers. It can also be downloaded to Android, iPhone or iPad.

The Financial Exams Prep App helps one prepare for the licensing exams for financial professionals. It provides a wealth of useful information and complete guidance for taking, for example, risk management tests. This is handy because you have all the information at your fingertips, not written down in papers you need to buy.

The interface of the application is very handy. Each section has its own:

  • Books.
  • Tasks and assignments in the form of tests.
  • Product reviews.

Interestingly, the application is so useful that you can use it even after release to refresh some knowledge.

uValue App

The uValue App can only be downloaded on Apple devices. The application helps to perform a corporate evaluation. It includes six basic formulas for this task and additional metrics. For example, you can monitor the exchange rate in real time.

The application is very functional, but there is no theory in it. Therefore, it can only be used by advanced novices in financial analysis. For example, those who need to do a practical assignment rather than write some paper.

A good advantage of uValue is that you do not have to pay for it.

Accenture Digital Applications Platform

This platform consists of a series of applications useful for beginners and advanced specialists in banking and insurance. They are quite standard, but offer all the useful functions for a financier.

In addition, it is very convenient to download these utilities in a series. Then you will not need to know the design of each new application, look for a product of exactly good quality, and research the lists of the best and top rated services.

MarketScan App

This is one of the most expensive utilities on the market. But if you’re willing to give up your money for good, this purchase will definitely justify it.

That’s because it’s very convenient to perform combinatorial analysis with this application. Considering how much different information an analyst needs to know, it is vital to have it at hand. And MarketScan provides it in the most convenient format: charts and graphs.

Interestingly, the visualizations can be uploaded and pasted into your reports. Your dissertation will definitely thank you.

Cheaper alternatives for MarketScan are Stock Guru or Stock TickerPicker. Also, you might be lucky to buy the application at a sale.

Yahoo Finance

This is an application from the search world giant. Through it, it is convenient to actually search for different information, but limit it to only the financial topics. Among the useful functions:

  • Tracking market trends.
  • Updating the current currency rate.
  • Daily compilation of the most important financial news.

Even investors use Yahoo Finance, but it will be useful for the student to be aware of all the changes in the market.

Thomson Reuters Eikon App

This is an application implemented for all operating systems. Its main function is to track market data in real time and to notify the user about it.

It is very convenient that Thomson Reuters Eikon has a flexible setup. Each user can personalize the notifications!

You can also link the application to a website and upload data directly from there.

For those who have problems with communication, offline mode is available. It works like this:

  1. While the internet is off, Thomson Reuters Eikon keeps all updates.
  2. When the connection appears, it updates them instantly.

The only drawback to the application: it requires a lot of computing power from the device. If you have an older device type, you will need to update it to use Thomson Reuters Eikon freely.

CNBC Business News and Finance App

This is one of the best news apps for financiers. CNBC is universal, as you can download it to any device and find news on almost any business topic. If you are still a student, it will be easy for you to track trends to use in term works and later have practical experience as an advantage for your first job.

CNBC does not offer any functionality directly for analytical work, but you can broadcast news through it, i.e. upload data, videos, and charts to your private sources.

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